Thursday, February 13, 2020

Would Tom Sawyer Have Been Prescribed Ritalin Essay

Would Tom Sawyer Have Been Prescribed Ritalin - Essay Example As the discussion highlights obviously, lack of control leads to decrease in the discipline. The diagnosis itself is relative because the border between impulsive personality and disorder is defined by the community. In the UK and Japan, the definition of impulsive personality seems to be broader because children in these countries are prescribed Ritalin not so often. While some doctors give to their patients more and more Ritalin prescriptions, others state that children can do without it because this drug serves as a â€Å"quick-fix† of the problem which does not cope with its causes. In this debate, I agree with Dr. Diller that better parental care and less pressure can result in better discipline and Tow Sawyer will live without Ritalin. The biggest problem children face in their life is represented by various demands. Children are required to be obedient; they have to meet different standards, pass various tests and participate in boring activities. These demands can caus e bad and impulsive behavior in children. It is not a disorder, but a logical reaction of a person to the situation when people are forced to do something they totally dislike. If children misbehave at school they do not necessarily have ADHD; it is possible that they cannot concentrate on tasks which do not fit their personality. The biggest pressure at school is the need for high performance. When I studied  at school, my parents always wanted me to be the best in the class. When I was worse than other kids, they tended to push on my forcing me to study something I disliked. I cannot say that their efforts were effective because they only destroyed my desire to learn the subjects where I could not succeed. Different studies show that Ritalin does help to concentrate on boring tasks, but it is helpless at improving

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