Saturday, February 1, 2020

Mathematics Teaching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mathematics Teaching - Essay Example The teaching issues should be talked about broadly and deeply in theory for achievement of greater understanding of subject matter either by the teacher or a pupil. For clear understanding of subject matter in such a subject like mathematics especially for children, teachers require to fuse theoretical and practical aspect in their work. This enables breaking down of complex ideas and concepts which become easy and logical in developing the understanding of learners and their acquisition of learning skills. In theoretical expression of a mathematical lesson a teacher ought to be keen in his confidence when answering learners questions and when dealing with their misconceptions, The National Strategies, (2010). On the other hand a teacher should employ various creative methods to intervene during a lesson in a discursive manner to come up with an effective learning environment depending with the curricula that are applied and the ability of the learners, Bronwyn (2003). In primary schools the theoretical expression of mathematical subject content should be simplified according to the age of the learners, this means that the teacher has to be sensitive to the age of the learners and curricula requirements in order to achieve good end results. Since the curricula in primary school is broad the teacher need to be well informed with all subjects to be able to express theory in mathematics explicitly to the learners. This enable the learners develop literature skills which are also very significant in understanding and expressing mathematics. Effective Planning Primary school teachers have to consider the factors of age and curricula requirements prior to their planning of lessons and in their plan ensure the learners and his or her colleagues understand the content of the plan. They should also make plans to involve learners with an out of class lesions and home work which give the leaner an opportunity to share with other for example parents, siblings or other pupils which is a good support in enhancing mathematical understanding and development of greater leaning skills Ernest, (1987). Teaching Strategies In meeting their objectives teachers should employ strategies that conform to the curricula provided by the education authorities as well as the age and abilities of learners. This can be achieved by analyzing the diversity of the learners abilities and their age hence coming up with a design that will enable them overcome any barrier that my hinder their understanding and development in skills. Lieberman, (2004)On the other hand teachers should employ creative approaches in teaching mathematics for example teacher can put a challenge to the learners that will make them need to talk about the subject manner hence creating a greater contemplation of many students at all levels of ability. Ernest (1988) Conclusion Teachers need to fuse theory and practice in teaching mathematics thus they should converse with all subjects to effectively deliver. In primary school teaching the age factor and variance in abilities is sensitive and

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